Metal Garden Furniture for Indoor Use

Have you ever considered garden furniture for use indoors? Many will instantly dismiss the idea without giving it a second thought. However, metal garden furniture can complement a whole host of different interior design themes. So, why rule it out? If you really can’t find that perfect suite for your conservatory or table for your kitchen, try the garden section, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Here are some great ways you can use metal or wrought iron garden furniture to complement your interior designs.


Of course, garden furniture is a great choice for the conservatory. Many people try to theme their conservatories as if their part of the garden with earthy or green colour schemes, natural materials and lots of plants. Why not go a step further? A metal garden suite or benches and matching coffee table will look elegant and sophisticated. It will also fit in easily with either rustic or contemporary room styles. Not only will it look the part but it’s practical too. The metal framework can withstand direct sunlight and won’t fade like wicker, rattan or wood.


If you have a kitchen diner, or kitchen breakfast room, you may have already experienced the difficulty of finding a table that matches your kitchen. If your doors are wood, you’ll need to match the exact shade. If you have a contemporary style kitchen or coloured doors it can be extremely hard to find something to match. A dining table may be too large and there’s not much choice when it comes to breakfast bars or kitchen tables. Metal garden furniture is the answer to all these problems. Get yourself a bistro set or garden table and chairs which will not only fit effortlessly into a small space but can complement traditional or contemporary kitchens.


Many people struggle to furnish or decorate their hall or porch. Match a metal coat stand and umbrella holder with a metal garden bench to sit on while you tie your shoes, or wait for your partner. If you have a glazed porch, it can be a great place to sit and read while looking out over the front garden.

Dining Room

Metal garden furniture can work in a dining room too, especially wrought iron styles. It goes well with countless themes. For example, wrought iron goes perfectly with dramatic gothic-style d├ęcor. The elegant curls and swirls of the design will grace a traditional, sophisticated dining room. It works well will rustic styles such as shabby-chic or old-cottage, especially if you can get a patina finish on the framework. It’s perfect for contemporary diners, available in a range of colours and finishes if you want to really make a statement. A glass table-top which so often comes with metal furniture, is also easy to clean, spills and stains can simply be wiped off.

Other great advantage to this is, when it’s time for a change inside your home, your furniture can be moved outside and given a whole new lease of life. If you’re still sceptical about using metal garden furniture indoors, take a look at the wide range of designs available these days; from antique-style bistro sets to futuristic metal chairs.