Elegant and Stylish Rattan Garden Furniture

There is a large variety of garden furniture available but rattan garden furniture is still the most popular kind. It is made from the outer most layers of about 600 varieties palm trees and is very flexible, and durable and also beautiful. Another popular material used is teak, which is also used to make classic outdoor furniture which lasts long.

When you want to furnish your outdoor patio or garden space, you can choose beautiful furniture in different kinds of material which is easily available through furniture web sites. When considering the design of the garden, the furniture is the focal point of interaction with your beautiful surroundings. Once you have decided the placements, you can select contemporary or classic designs to furnish your beautiful outdoor space.

Rattan Garden Furniture

If you have decided on rattan, you can be sure that you have chosen the most sophisticated and stylish of all furniture for your garden, conservatory or patio. Rattan is an all time classic. Made from pliable material, rattan is woven into designs that look stylish and beautiful. You can relax in comfort with a cool drink on a hot summer afternoon.

Rattan is also combined with other materials such as metal and mosaic tiles to make elegant tables and chairs. Some wicker rattan garden furniture is constructed with synthetic rattan which is more durable for outdoor use and has a longer life span. You need to keep your budget in mind and choose from among the many designs and sizes which are available.

Teak Garden Furniture

If you choose teak garden furniture for your outdoor space you are making a superb choice. This dense, grained hardwood will resist rot, shrinking, warping and it is durable in all kinds of weather. A high grade teak wood does not have knotholes or cracks and it does not shrink or slip. Teak also has an aromatic and pleasant smell. It is a classic and an obvious choice at high end country clubs and gardens.

Teak is a definite change from boring redwood or unattractive plastic outdoor furniture. Its natural, rich golden-brown colour does not need to be painted or stained. It is naturally oily, water and insect resistant and thus an ideal outdoor furniture material.

You can buy beautiful teak furniture in different designs and styles. This includes foldable tables, loungers, tables, chairs and benches from leading furniture manufacturers online.

Taking Care Of Your Furniture

When you select teak make sure that there are no cracks and splits in the wood grain. New furniture is always a rich honey brown. To make your lovely teak furniture last longer, get it treated once a year to prevent warping and splitting. You can wash it with a mild soap and warm water and use a soft cloth to dry. You can sand it with fine grain sandpaper and use a soft bristle paintbrush for applying teakwood oil.

When you decide to furnish your garden you can choose the best teak garden furniture or rattan garden furniture depending on what appeals to you. Both are excellent choices and will last long and enhance the beauty of your garden.