Antique Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is a must to adorn and decorate the garden to enhance the look of the house. They are used for sitting, resting, and decorative purposes. They are of various types and are made of metal or wood combinations. They are found in elaborate, contemporary, antique and traditional designs.

Antique garden furniture includes popular designs of a past era. Through the ages specific styles have emerged that still influence purchase patterns and are popular. Victorian garden furniture has a unique style, and is an asset to the owners. Elaborately designed benches, and love seats that are ornately built are still the most popular buy.

Antique garden furniture involves specific patterns and art forms that are used in their creation. These are furniture types that have endured the test of time and are viewed as artifacts. The range of antique garden furniture includes, a wide variety of heavy wooden furniture that was initially used, in the gardens of the elite and the nobility. They were generally custom made and exhibited intricate woodwork. They are now displayed in museums, as woodwork is prone to damage, as a result of extended exposure to the elements.

Iron garden furniture of antique style is found to be in better condition. A wide range of iron antique garden furniture is still being traded, and is sold at exorbitant rates for their antiquity. It is seen that most of the furniture sports a typical style of intertwining and connecting oak leaves. This is generally a set with a table and matching chairs. The table is usually found to have a pedestal base, with claw feet. This was a very popular design during Queen Victoria’s reign.

When buying antique garden furniture from auctions, purchase prices tend to be high. Potential buyers are advised to make purchases, only after certifying the authenticity of the sources and auctions. Buyers can avail of the service of professional evaluators, to help establish authenticity and worth of antiques from a private collection. It is important to gather information regarding the history of antique garden furniture, as they could also be duplicates. The trade of antique garden furniture involves, exorbitant money transfers and, thus it is essential to be assured of the authenticity before the purchase.