Elegant and Stylish Rattan Garden Furniture

There is a large variety of garden furniture available but rattan garden furniture is still the most popular kind. It is made from the outer most layers of about 600 varieties palm trees and is very flexible, and durable and also beautiful. Another popular material used is teak, which is also used to make classic outdoor furniture which lasts long.

When you want to furnish your outdoor patio or garden space, you can choose beautiful furniture in different kinds of material which is easily available through furniture web sites. When considering the design of the garden, the furniture is the focal point of interaction with your beautiful surroundings. Once you have decided the placements, you can select contemporary or classic designs to furnish your beautiful outdoor space.

Rattan Garden Furniture

If you have decided on rattan, you can be sure that you have chosen the most sophisticated and stylish of all furniture for your garden, conservatory or patio. Rattan is an all time classic. Made from pliable material, rattan is woven into designs that look stylish and beautiful. You can relax in comfort with a cool drink on a hot summer afternoon.

Rattan is also combined with other materials such as metal and mosaic tiles to make elegant tables and chairs. Some wicker rattan garden furniture is constructed with synthetic rattan which is more durable for outdoor use and has a longer life span. You need to keep your budget in mind and choose from among the many designs and sizes which are available.

Teak Garden Furniture

If you choose teak garden furniture for your outdoor space you are making a superb choice. This dense, grained hardwood will resist rot, shrinking, warping and it is durable in all kinds of weather. A high grade teak wood does not have knotholes or cracks and it does not shrink or slip. Teak also has an aromatic and pleasant smell. It is a classic and an obvious choice at high end country clubs and gardens.

Teak is a definite change from boring redwood or unattractive plastic outdoor furniture. Its natural, rich golden-brown colour does not need to be painted or stained. It is naturally oily, water and insect resistant and thus an ideal outdoor furniture material.

You can buy beautiful teak furniture in different designs and styles. This includes foldable tables, loungers, tables, chairs and benches from leading furniture manufacturers online.

Taking Care Of Your Furniture

When you select teak make sure that there are no cracks and splits in the wood grain. New furniture is always a rich honey brown. To make your lovely teak furniture last longer, get it treated once a year to prevent warping and splitting. You can wash it with a mild soap and warm water and use a soft cloth to dry. You can sand it with fine grain sandpaper and use a soft bristle paintbrush for applying teakwood oil.

When you decide to furnish your garden you can choose the best teak garden furniture or rattan garden furniture depending on what appeals to you. Both are excellent choices and will last long and enhance the beauty of your garden.

15 Great Metal Garden Furniture Tips


1. Before you buy a metal patio set, make sure you accurately measure your designated space. You’ll want about 90cm (3ft) of space around the table to accommodate chairs and people. This will allow people to walk around the table even when others are seated.

2. Consider how you intend to use your metal garden furniture. How many people do you need it to seat? Do you do lots of entertaining? Square tables are more practical and will fit neatly into your space. Round require a lot more room and can look odd in an uneven shaped area. However, they are much better for entertaining, everyone can see each other.

3. Think about your style. Do you prefer a more formal dining setting or an informal environment? Does your garden lend itself towards any particular theme, such as contemporary or rustic? If money were no object, what would be your ideal look? This will help you choose the most fitting metal garden furniture for your tastes and lifestyle.

4. If you’re considering a glass top, tempered glass is safer. Fused glass is easier to maintain than transparent as the latter shows finger marks and needs more cleaning.

5. Make sure your metal garden furniture is galvanised or zinc coated to protect against the elements, this will keep maintenance to a minimum later on.

6. If you buy online, don’t be disappointed and choose a reputable, well established company, preferably a specialist. The quality of metal garden furniture can vary immensely. One of the main reasons for choosing metal is because of its durability. Lower quality furniture will rust and welded joints will corrode so don’t be swayed by a bargain.


7. Many people are reluctant when it comes to metal furniture as they see it as harsh, cold or even clinical. Cushions, outdoor rugs, drapes and other soft furnishings will help soften the look and feel of your metal garden furniture.

8. When choosing cushions and other accessories to adorn your metal garden furniture, pick out one colour from your existing plants, flowers or foliage. When you buy accessories to match that colour, it will help the furniture blend in with the rest of the garden.

9. Incorporate other metal or wrought iron accessories into your outdoor space such as lanterns, planters or wall art. Again, this will tie in the furniture with the entire garden.

10. Accessorising will depend on the style of metal garden furniture you’ve chosen and any theme you wish to create. A contemporary garden is minimalistic so don’t overdo the accessories and let the furniture itself do the talking, select bold coloured cushion covers and perhaps choose a feature piece to add another point of interest.

11. If elegance is what you’re aiming for then candelabras, ornate planters and even a metal mirror will look stunning. Use white or cream soft furnishings and twinkle lights to add a touch of romance.

12. Wrought iron furniture in a rustic style garden offers endless possibilities for accessorising. Whether it’s Victorian, country cottage, Old-world Tuscan or even the ancient Orient, you’ll be able to find wrought iron pieces that complement your furniture and theme. Use wrought iron ornaments, wall planters, hanging baskets, lanterns and sconces to decorate your space.


13. Regular cleaning is simple, just wash wipe it with down with a soft damp cloth soapy water and dry thoroughly.

14. Quality modern metal garden furniture is normally treated with advanced anti-rust technologies so it is rust-resistant. If you do experience a problem, rust can be rubbed away with a wire brush but be gentle. Always do a test piece first and check the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand.

15. If your own old metal garden furniture that is painted, you may experience scratches or chips; simply sand the area down and touch up with metal paint.

The Only 7 Outdoor Garden Furniture Pieces You Will Require

A beautiful garden can be a sight to behold even for someone who is not a fan of flora. And for those who may want to sit in the garden and let the experience sink in, outdoor garden furniture becomes as important as the ones inside the house. The colour and style of the furniture can be chosen to complement that of the house.

Having a beautiful garden means one can spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying in a variety of furniture like garden recliners, parasols, popup gazebos or even simple garden benches. Adding anything different, for example, conservatory chairs adds to the variety of the garden. Some prefer having garden barbeques that can make it possible for family and friends to enjoy the garden space at the same time grilling a fresh steak.

There are no rules to selecting your garden furniture but some things need to be kept in mind while doing so. Great designs are available for garden furniture, but it is important to visualize your garden or patio when making the choice of your garden furniture. Also important is to keep in mind what material the furniture would be in. If you are buying garden recliners, garden benches or even conservatory chairs, you need to be sure that they can withstand the weather outside if you live in a place of harsh winter or heat. Conservatory chairs are those chairs that one sees with curvy frames made of wood and which sometimes can be even entirely handcrafted. There are numerous gazebo designs in the marketplace but it is important to note that popup gazebos with sides are a great choice simply because they are so versatile and can offer the same benefits as the four legged gazebos but with the extra usability in conditions that may not be perfect. Popup gazebos are usually fixed to main structures using zips or even Velcro. Garden recliners, when fully reclined can have you looking at the sky and waking up some time later wondering how long you have been out for. You must ensure that the headrest must be smooth and adjustable enough to be in a position comfortable for you.

Gas barbeques are perhaps the best solution to spending time outdoors with friends and family in warmer months. They can be positioned at a suitable level with wooden decks or planks. Garden benches, on the other hand are those furniture that can even be built by hand. Depending on where you reside, they can be made in different types of material like wrought-iron or steel. They are made to better withstand harsh weather and are better than wood benches as they do not decay easily. These benches can also be designed in various styles and forms as they are cast in the metal they are built in. A garden parasol is a canopy designed to protect from rain or sunlight and is usually fixed to a patio table or such other garden furniture. Garden tables also are an essential part of outdoor furniture as they can serve any purpose from helping organize an outdoor drink session to a barbeque party. They can come in various types like being foldable to being in wrought iron. One can also go with all weather folding tables or maybe just a bistro table for a relaxed feel.

Being aware of the different elements that are available is the first step before you start investing in any outdoor garden furniture. Whether you are a casual gardener, a weekend flowerbed gardener, or a serious vegetable gardener, the seven types of furniture pieces described above are ones you will need and are those that will add to the enjoyment of your outdoor living experience.

Types of Outdoor Garden Furniture – Take Your Pick

There are many types of outdoor garden furniture that are available in different styles. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to choose the right patio furniture as there are many durable options available in garden design furniture.

Why choose Wooden Garden Furniture?
Wooden garden design furniture can be a great choice, as it can create a very pleasant environment for relaxing or for reading and spending some quality time with the family. It can also be ideal for hosting a party with friends or for enhancing the beauty of the patio or the balcony or even the terrace and of course the garden. There are many types of shapes and colors, not to speak of designs in wood furniture. While selecting the wood furniture for your garden, think about the budget and what style will suit your garden and the type of wood that works best in the surroundings.

Wicker Furniture
For instance, there is the wicker patio furniture which is preferred by many for using in outdoor areas that are covered. However, you will have to use cushions to cover the furniture, as they might otherwise not be too comfortable to sit on. There is natural wicker furniture as well as those in different colors. They should not be exposed to too much weight, but can hold up quite well to normal wear and tear. Try to cover them with good furniture covers and protect them from rain or moisture. Wicker outdoor furniture is very lightweight and is also quite durable. Further, it also looks very attractive and can be more comfortable than metal or plastic furniture. This is because wicker outdoor furniture possesses a little give, when it is compressed.

Patio Furniture
Patio furniture is available in wood, which is selected as a natural option by many. This kind of wood furniture is available in natural wood finishes. However, if you like, you can select the painted finish types that are also popular as garden furniture. Teak and cedar are the natural choices for patio furniture that comes in natural wood finishes. The best part of such kind of outdoor furniture is that they are highly resistant to moisture and also to insects. You will surely have to take good care of the outdoor wood furniture. It must be oiled regularly in order that the wood does not dry out. This should also be done in order to offset the effect of the sun that discolors it over a period of years. Such wood patio furniture is very popular as it is very durable and also does not absorb heat. Metals and plastics can become very hot. Wood garden furniture is easy to maintain with paint and it can easily be given a new look. There are also many types of collapsible wood furniture and this can be the perfect choice for people who have a limited amount of outdoor space.

Advantages of Teak Furniture
Many of the popular outdoor furniture come in oak and teak. Teak is a very popular type of outdoor furniture, as it does not require much maintenance. It is also very durable and strong and resistant to termites. It can withstand harsh weather and also water and mold, so it is suitable for any kind of climate or terrain. It also looks very elegant and can look great as outdoor furniture.

Oak furniture and pine furniture also look great in gardens and in patios as well as terraces. However, they can get damaged by the sun and the rain, so you will have to spend some amount on maintenance. You can use them by covering them and storing them well during bad weather. The type of wood that you choose for your outdoor garden furniture will depend on your personal preferences as well as the climate of the place.